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Stray disabled cat Peggy finds her forever home and becomes Wendy’s dream feline

In the first of a series of inspiring pet tales for National Pet Month, meet the incredible Peggy, who despite a serious disability has battled back to good health and is loved by everyone who meets her. Here Peggy’s owner Wendy Moulton recalls the day hers and Peggy’s lives collided and explains why she calls this amazing little feline her ‘dream cat’. #NPMPetHeroes

“The vets say Peggy is about three years old and had a very sad start in life,” explains Wendy. “Somehow she lost her leg from the knee down and the vets have said they are unsure if it was done by a vet, so I don't want to even think of what she has been through.

Wendy continues. “It all began in May 2015 when Peggy was handed in to a local Liverpool rescue called Boote Home For Cats. She had been living rough 

in old cars, she was dirty, scared, thin, expecting kittens and missing her back leg. Peggy was fed and given a bed to sleep but no owner came forward.

“As time went on this little cat had four kittens and was the best mum ever. At this time I was losing my 16 year old cat to ill health, and I told the rescue that if this cat was still here at Boote when I was looking for a new cat I would love her.

“Sadly in August 2015, my much loved cat was put to sleep so I called Boote and said I would love to adopt the little cat. So, when her kittens were old enough to leave her and she had been spayed she came to live with me and that's when her life changed for ever. She was safe, loved and will never suffer abuse again.

“We called her Peggy. When she first came to live with me she came in with a rescue worker, jumped out of the carrier and onto the sofa, looking around as if to say ‘Yes, this is my home’.

“She made friends with my other cat right away. They played chase. She would chase him, tap him on the bum, turn around and run and he would chase after her, tap her on the bum and run. Now they cuddle up and sleep next to each other.  

“Peggy’s favourite toy is a ball with a bell in it and she likes nothing more than at night time to take it to the top of the stairs and drop it down the stairs so she can chase after it. 

“Peggy might be disabled but it does not stop her being a cat. She plays, runs, loves to go outside and breathe the fresh air in a safe, enclosed area.

“Yes, there are things she can't do like a ‘perfect looking’ cat can, but that doesn’t matter. She is lovely and loves nothing more to cuddle in to you and purr. One look at her face and she just melts your heart.”

Since Peggy went to live with Wendy the pair have struck up a strong bond and as a thank you to Boote Home For Cats they regularly fundraise for the rescue charity. Since September 2015 they have managed to encourage people to donate food for the resident felines looking for forever homes.

Wendy explains: “Thanks to Peggy we got people to donate food so that every cat in the rescue got a Christmas dinner and a toy last year and recently a large amount of cat food was delivered for the felines in the rescue. Peggy is now known as far as Canada and the USA due to her fundraising for the Liverpool cat rescue.”

Wendy hopes people reading Peggy’s story during National Pet Month will be inspired to consider offering a rescue cat a forever home as there are so many wonderful benefits for pet and owner.


Wendy says: “People need to think on when they go to adopt a pet. It does not have to look perfect to be the perfect pet.

“Go and have a look at your local cat rescue, sit and play with the cats and let a rescue cat pick you. That amazing feline will thank you for saving its life by bringing so much joy into YOUR life.”

Moved by Peggy’s story? Have an inspiring tale to tell about your pet hero and would like to feature on our blog? Email your story to with pics of your pet and you could feature during NationalPetMonth: April 1-May 2


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