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Event Ideas

National Pet Month is always delighted to see such a huge range of events listed in our 'What's On' section....  If you're in need of inspiration on how to raise funds - here are some great ideas!‚Äč

Care homes and residential centres: Plan a National Pet Month day! Invite in a local vet practice or charity to give a talk – and bring some animals in too! Have a bake sale, raffle or other event in aid of a local charity. Pet themed talks. Organisations such as Rotary, WI etc are always on the look-out for good, inspirational speakers. And what better topic than the benefits pets bring to us as we grow older. Use our key facts to help you plan your talk.

Educational event: Suggest a pet talk at your local schools (and at youth groups) during National Pet Month. The NPM Lesson Plan suggestion on our website may help, or follow the links to other charity advice via the Pet Education Resource website. Vets, rescue centres, pet shops, police dog training specialists or dog wardens can offer to visit.

Sponsored Dog Walk: Why not organise a sponsored dog walk for your favourite charity? We have even had ferret walks in the past! (if you are using public highways then contact your local police first).

Open Days/Evenings: Rehoming kennels or catteries, pet shops, groomers and veterinary practices can invite the public to visit, offering information about services or talks about pets, animal first aid, etc. Offer microchipping, nurse health checks, grooming demos, talks etc. Invite local charities to bring a stall. Or even hold a ‘virtual open day’ through your website.

Bake sale: Baking fever is sweeping the nation, so capitalise on this by holding your own sale in aid of your favourite charity. You could produce themed cup-cakes or a variety of baked goods. Provide some refreshments to sell for extra funds, and don’t forget napkins, plates, and ‘doggy bags’ for take home treats. Don’t forget to ask bakers to label ingredients so it’s clear for people with allergies. Bake or provide some pet-friendly treats as well!

Competitions and quizzes: Great for fund raising and people love a quiz! You could even have a pet-themed round. Or have a competition such as guess the number of sweets in a jar etc to raise funds.

Charity Ball or Auction: with fundraising for your chosen charity

Organise a pet show: This could be for dogs, cats, birds, horses or general. Make it fun and include dog agility, waggiest tail etc. You could even have a pet talent show!

Pet Service at your local church: We have an order of service idea in the supporters’ resource section of our website.

Pet themed Fancy Dress Day for owners and pets: – or have a face painting day – a chance to raise some funds!

Take Your Pet To Work Day: What better excuse than National Pet Month to encourage your boss to allow pets at work!   

24 hour pet themed Tweetathon on Twitter: Follow National Pet Month and pick up some great tips.

Pet display or workshop in bookstores, libraries or museums: Use National Pet Month as a hook for to support your local pet charity and run workshops or create a pet themed window display. Or simply – hold a bucket collection at a local store

Pet themed craft fair or participate in an established show: If there is an established event going on in your area during National Pet Month, you could get involved, perhaps running a stall, or a mini pet show.

Perhaps pick a pet-orientated book for your book club.



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