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Pet Pawsitivity: Jill and Bentley’s Story

“No matter how you are feeling, when you look into his eyes, see his wagging tail and hear his shrill bark, he grounds you in the here and now.”

“Bentley is a soother for your emotional state,” says Jill about her 11-year-old Yorkshire Terrier rescue.

“No matter how you are feeling, when you look into his eyes, see his wagging tail and hear his shrill bark, he grounds you in the here and now.” 

She explains: “Our paths crossed when he was 2 years and 3 months of age. It was my third journey to Wood Green Rehoming Centre. I had no luck matching my profile and was about to leave the office. It was mid-winter. Unexpectedly, a wee tribe of dogs, with hand knitted jackets, came into the office. Bentley bounded up to me straight away, with his dripping, long wet hair. The lady could see our instant bond. She informed me that if he matched my profile then she would make sure I was contacted first. My daughter, Tammy, and I were united with Bentley and, even now, his role in our family never ceases to amaze me.”

Jill’s been working mainly from home during lockdown and has loved the time she’s spent with her canine companion.

“He is my shadow, for sure,” she says. “As he progresses in age, it has been beautiful to be afforded the time to spend with Bentley. He has also had opportunity to cement his bond with the other humans in the house. Being an anxious dog, he is more relaxed when we are in his company. His toilet habits have improved and it’s rare now for a puddle or parcel!”

She adds: “At work with my colleagues, during online meetings, Bentley often comes and sits with me and loves the attention from the screen. Animals, like children, have a beautiful presence and bring the child out in others. Wow, is this therapeutic!”

Bentley’s presence also encourages Jill to keep herself fit and healthy.

“Although my boy is only a small dog, he requires a walk which encourages me to be kind to myself,” she explains. “Increasing my activity levels has a good impact on my emotional and mental health. We have been blessed to find a home near open spaces and fields, which is stupendous. We have discovered a few walks around the pathways and there is nothing like being out in nature to truly bring us home to what matters.”

She adds: “No matter what is going on around you, Bentley will make sure that his needs are met; dogs are brilliant for that. Bentley gives me responsibility for him, he is completely dependent on me and the rest of the human clan for his care needs. That beautiful bond is absolute pure love.”

Jill continues: “During this ever-prevailing lockdown, my boy never ceases to make me smile and laugh. He peruses our home and garden with the spirit and presence of a Rottweiler, goodness knows the postman deserves a medal! I am truly not sure how he would protect us as he is a gummy dog with most teeth already donated to the Tooth Fairy.” 

Bentley’s night routine always raises a smile too.

“He is a completely pampered and spoilt pooch, preferring to rest indoors. We all love a routine and Bentley has adopted the perfect night routine for him. I have to tell him, as I point to the stairs, ‘it’s nite, nite time’. He then goes through his routine of making sure we are all safe before snuggling down to sleep. Bentley keeps us safe and in gratitude, for sure.”


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