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Last Years News

Harvey the Lifestyle Dog supports National Pet Month

'Learn to care about your pets with Harvey' is a storybook designed to give pet professionals an opportunity to reinforce the message of preventative pet health care to our young pet owners of the future.

NPM's Top Tips for the Fireworks Season

The fireworks season now goes way beyond the traditional 5th November - with Halloween parties, Diwali and other celebrations lighting up the skies until after the New Year.

NPM's Top Tips for Fussy Eaters

National Pet Month is fortunate to be able to tap into the expertise of its trustees PFMA and NOAH. Here, PFMA provides advice to owners of fussy cats.

Interview with Fabulous feline charity Scratching Post Cat Rescue.

NPM has some wonderful supporters and here is one story from a charity in Waltham Abbey, Essex.

From street life to a loving forever home: Pete packs a powerful punch with new owner Kirsten

When Pete was found wandering the streets he was covered in wounds, full of worms and ready to fight as he battled to find food from day to day. Then one day Kirsten Hey was surfing the internet and a new, very wonderful bond was formed. Here’s Pete and Kirsten’s story.

Why dogs like Raven need forever loving homes

“Although I have often heard about rescue stories and the change in pets, I didn’t truly understand this ‘til we adopted Raven,” says Sam Small from Newcastle.

Stray disabled cat Peggy finds her forever home and becomes Wendy’s dream feline

In the first of a series of inspiring pet tales for National Pet Month, meet the incredible Peggy, who despite a serious disability has battled back to good health and is loved by everyone who meets her. Here Peggy’s owner Wendy Moulton recalls the day hers and Peggy’s lives collided and explains why she calls this amazing little feline her ‘dream cat’. #NPMPetHeroes

National Pet Month begins today! Help us celebrate

National Pet Month starts today! What are you doing to celebrate?

National Pet Month – April 1 – May 2, 2016 is almost here!

Time for UK pet fans to unite! National Pet Month is just a few weeks away!

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