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National Pet Month

Responsible pet ownership

Thousands of people up and down the UK will be celebrating life with their pets, spreading the word on responsible pet ownership and promoting the benefits of pet ownership

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National Pet Month

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Welcome to National Pet Month

#NationalPetMonth: April 1- May 2 2022

National Pet Month (NPM) celebrates and raises awareness of responsible pet ownership through our educational campaigns and resources across our various platforms. NPM celebrates pet ownership, sharing the many benefits of our cherished companions across the UK.

Whilst the #NationalPetMonth campaign runs from April to May each year via various media outlets, the important messages that NPM endorses run all year-round. We continue to develop informative and important content for both experienced and new pet owners alike.  

During the campaign month of April to May, we love to hear about fundraisers and events in support of the UK’s many phenomenal pet welfare organisations and charities. This can be individual or larger events, virtual or in-person! Tag us on our social channels below.

Why embracing a pet-friendly workspace policy is a great step for businesses

There were several reasons cited by Gen Z and Millennials who had given up their pet, including a change in living arrangements and financials obstacles, and changes in working arrangements was also high on the list. The research also showed that 40% of owners don’t have pet-friendly offices and an additional 11% unsure.

Keep an eye on your pet’s waistline!

Top Tips and Tools for Healthy Weight Management

Making the toughest decision for my old cat

John Helps BVetMed CertSAM MRCVS, Chair of NOAH’s Companion Animal Sub-Committee and Senior Technical Manager Companion Animals, MSD Animal Health, describes how loving our pets sometimes means making the hardest decision.

Know Your Pet’s Normal For Happiness and Good Health

Because our pets can’t talk it is our job to know what is normal for them, so we can spot when there is a change – which could mean pain or discomfort.

Why getting your pet vaccinated is so important

Ninety four per cent of dog owners and 84% of cat owners said their pets had been vaccinated, according to a recent NOAH (National Office of Animal Health) survey.

What my rescue dog taught me about canine behaviour

NPM team member Asha Clearwater, talks about her rescue dog Bailey and overcoming his separation anxiety.

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