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The NPM Guide To A Pet Safe, Happy and Healthy Christmas

As Christmas decorations go up and our homes fill with festive gifts and treats, it’s important we do all we can to prevent our pets getting into temptation trouble and needing an emergency trip to our vet.

There's No Such Thing As The Dog Poo Fairy

Let’s talk about dog poo and why it’s so important to pick up after our pets. After all, there’s no dog poo fairy to do the work for us. Read on to see how you can play your part in keeping our environment clean and our fellow humans safe from disease.

Minimising Your Carbon Pawprint

There are many ways to be a more sustainable pet owner, from the food you feed your pet and the products you buy, to how you treat parasites. Here are some tips from the British Veterinary Association on how to help cut your pet’s “carbon pawprint” – even small actions can make a difference.  

NPM's Good Pet Owner's Guide To Protecting Our Planet

Sometimes, however careful we are to only buy the amount of pet food needed, there may be leftovers. So, how do we ensure that any leftover food and used pet food packaging is disposed of responsibly?

Say No To Table Scraps and Yes To A Balanced Diet: Feeding Pets Healthily On A Budget

It’s not just humans that have been piling on the pounds in recent years. It seems our pets have been too. Eighty per cent of vets are seeing more obese pets, with 56% of dogs, 47% of cats, 36% of small pets like rabbits and Guinea pigs and 10% of birds seen in a veterinary practice being overweight or obese. So, as we move into Spring, what can we do to help our pet companions shed that extra weight and improve their health?

NPM Guide To Good Pet Weight Management

When our pets are of optimum weight, not only is chronic disease delayed in our animal companions, they can also enjoy longer lives. A 14 year study (Keely et al) showed that dogs fed to lean condition from early puppyhood throughout later life can enjoy up to two more healthy, active years. That’s more precious time for us to spend with our beloved pets. Weight management is such an important part of being a responsible pet owner, so here are our tips to help keep your pet in tip top condition.

Emotions, body language and mood: how well do you know your dog?

How well do you know your dog? Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor, BVetMed, DipCABT, MRCVS, Emotions-R-Us and Lallemand Animal Nutrition, shows us how understanding and tracking our canine companion’s emotional and mood state can help us know when to seek help if needed and learn how to strengthen that bond.

Puppy and Kitten Training: Starting Off On The Right Paw

This week National Pet Month is talking about Behaviour – one of the five key welfare needs of our pets – so here’s our top training tips for ensuring our young animal companions start off on the right paw.

Five Clever, Comical, Loving Companions For Life

The joy and companionship Jayne Govier and her family experience from her two dogs and three rabbits does wonders for her physical and mental health. Yet another fine example of #PetPawsitivity

Rise Of Our Small Pet Companions

1.5 million rabbits. 1 million guinea pigs. 900,000 hamsters. More of us than ever in the UK are taking them into our homes and our hearts. In the past year, we’ve seen a 50% rise in the number of smaller pets, with this growing population now at 5 million – 1.7 million more than the previous year. So, why are they catching up in the popularity stakes with their bigger pet buddies like cats and dogs and what are the benefits of welcoming a smaller pet into your home?

Pets: Life Long Companions That Are Good For Our Health

On Week 1 of #NationalPetMonth we look at research that shows just how our pets are good for us at all times of life and why they have an important role to play in our homes, offices and communities.

Welcome to National Pet Month 2023

Here's what to expect during National Pet Month 2023 and how you can join in this national celebration of pet ownership

Tell Us Your #PetPawsitivity Stories For National Pet Month!

National Pet Month starts this Saturday (April 1) and we want to hear from UK pet owners so we can spread some #PetPawsitivity stories. Here's how you can get involved in the month and celebrate the many benefits of pet ownership.


National Pet Month April 1 to May 1 2023

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