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National Pet Month 2024: What A Month It's Been!

National Pet Month 2024 has come to an end, and what a month it’s been!

Are You Reading All The Information Provided With Your Pet’s Medicine? Doing So Protects You, Your Pet, And The Environment

Our pets are a huge part of our lives, they help us emotionally, physically, and socially. They can help reduce stress and depression, ease loneliness by providing valuable companionship, encourage exercise which has many health benefits and can even help children develop emotional and social skills. They add real joy and unconditional love to our lives.

National Pet Month's Healthy Feeding Guide: Part 2

Sarah Hormozi, Head of Science and Education for UK Pet Food, shares her top tips on feeding your animal companion on a budget and the correct storage of your pet’s food.

Why Prevention’s Better Than Cure For Our Pets

World Animal Vaccination Day tomorrow (Saturday, April 20), acts as an important reminder of the health and welfare benefits of regular vaccinations and keeping those boosters up to date as part of our overall disease prevention for our pets. In this NPM Guide we show you why prevention is always better than cure for our animal companions.

NPM’s Guide To Dog Parks

With dog parks growing in popularity since the pandemic, NPM’s Asha Clearwater explains the dos and dont’s of using these facilities and what her three canine companions get from the experience.

National Pet Month’s Healthy Feeding Guide: Part 1

It’s week three of National Pet Month and this week we’re focusing on diet and health. During our #NPMLive show across social media last week we chatted with Sarah Hormozi, Head of Science and Education for UK Pet Food, about the importance of good nutrition for our pets. Watch the show at the bottom of this article. With so many types, brands and formats of pet food to choose from, finding the right one can feel overwhelming sometimes so here are Sarah’s top tips to help you find the right food for your animal companion.

How To Find Help In A Challenging Climate

Looking after your pet’s health is a key part of being a responsible owner, but what do you do when you can’t afford to feed and care for your animal companion? Though things may seem hopeless, help is available from a variety of UK organisations.


Our pets make incredible companions and here's just one very special human-animal bond that demonstrates this perfectly

How Well Do You Know Your Cat? Body Language and Misconceptions

Just how well do we know our feline campanions? Learn how to track your cats' emotions and mood and develop an even closer bond with the new PetWAG tool from Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Welcome to National Pet Month 2024: Challenging Times, Practical Support

It's April and that can mean only one thing. It's time for National Pet Month! Here's what's in store for UK pet fans throughout the month

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